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Aquila Power Catamarans represent the newest and most exciting evolution on the market today offering practicality and comfort with trend setting innovation, quality and design. Both inside and out, Aquila Power Catamarans are designed to provide the perfect cruising vessel whether you’re crossing oceans or traveling the Great Loop, living aboard or exploring worldwide destinations, or simply entertaining friends and family during a day out on the water or at the dock.
ake a look inside Sino Eagle’s world class factory where the range of Aquila Yachts are built.
Uncompromising design briefs, coupled with advanced industry experience, engineering and manufacturing by world class builders, make up the Aquila line of true pure-bred power catamarans.

The expanding Aquila range currently consists of the Aquila 32, Aquila 36, Aquila 44, Aquila 48 and Aquila 36 Excursion (for commercial markets). In 2019, we will also be debuting the Aquila 70 – watch for announcements! We are proud to have set the new standard of excellence in great boating experiences.

Our Story

Construction of Aquila Power Catamarans began in 2012 through a partnership between Sino Eagle Group and MarineMax, the world’s largest power boat dealer. This partnership was first established when Sino Eagle Group began building the Aquila 38 specifically for MarineMax’s new charter business – MarineMax Vacations.

In 2012, experts from multiple development, design and manufacturing firms; Sino Eagle Group, J&J Design Group, Seaway and MarineMax all collaborated to expand the Aquila range by developing a new, purebred power cat.

This international team consisted of Lex Raas, a highly experienced boat developer and charter industry veteran, and J&J Design Group, who have worked on designs for Azimut, Bavaria, Beneteau, Dufour, Jeanneau and Monte Carlo. J&J Design Group’s development arm, Seaway, is also well known for its innovative engineering and tolling work and partnering with some of the world’s largest boat brands as well. This highly regarded, award-winning group began the process of designing the first true Aquila Power Catamaran, the Aquila 48.

To position itself to become a prominent boat builder, Sino Eagle Group, recognized globally in high-tech composite manufacturing, built a new factory which provided the Aquila brand with full in-house manufacturing capabilities paired with in-depth knowledge and experience in advanced yacht building practices.

With the combined knowledge and advanced experience of the most talented group in the yachting industry, Aquila is establishing a new standard of power catamaran innovation and becoming the game changer in the marketplace. The power catamarans developed by Aquila are award-winning models and Aquila continues to grow globally as a brand.

About J&J Design Group

Much of the design behind Aquila Power Catamarans can be attributed to the renowned J& J Design Group. SInce Jernej and Japek Jakopin started J& J in 1983, the company as won at least 20 Boat of the Year awards and is recognized as one of the leading maritime design companies in the world. J& J brings unparalleled new concepts to the table, further ensuring Aquila’s reputation as one of the most forward thinking brands.

About Sino Eagle

Founded from humble beginnings in 1985, Sino Eagle was an upstart boat manufacturer dedicated to providing the highest quality boats possible. Today, they are among the world leaders in high tech composite manufacturing, and the official manufacturer and brand owner of Aquila Power Catamarans. Sino Eagle is currently one of the only Chinese boat builders and yacht manufacturers which offers in-depth knowledge and experience in advanced yacht building practices and full in-house manufacturing capabilities. New facilities for boat building in China, combined with a skilled and experienced labor force, brings capability for all yacht production needs.